A real world handbook to owning and operating a successful childcare business through the eyes of 6 successful but “interesting” childcare bosses. This book is about providing you with the real truth of what it takes to really succeed as a childcare boss a well as the DRAMA (both the good and bad). And I’m ready to spill the tea.

Follow Six Childcare Bosses behind the scenes with
dealing with Business. Their Personal Life, Drama
and Let us not forget the Competition!

The Wannabee

Monica Davis, is immature and why some would call her a “know it all” from Chicago, is the owner of a in home childcare and markets herself as a childcare consultant. She thinks if by becoming the Wendy Williams of childcare this will get her far”

The Godmother

Kristina Santiago, 43, a veteran of over 20 years in the childcare industry. Born and raised in Harlem, she is known for her sharp business savvy and her exquisite style in fashion and crush anyone who stands in her of being #1 in her industry.


An Atlanta native, 22, Maryann is one of the baddest chicks in the game. she is a image and brand creator, she holds the power to create or destroy those she services. She Holds All the cards.

The Matriarch

Drew Jones, 32, is what many would call an Angel is disguise She has not had a perfect life, but through her hardships she has developed a heart to help others but not affair to play dirty for name of justice.

The Puppet

China Paris Buckingham, 35, from Aberdeen, Mississippi. She is impressed with The Godmother and will do anything to stay in her good graces. She travels and works as her assistant in order to stay under her wings and gain her acceptance. Who really holds the keys to the city.


Jamaica Toussaint, 31, is a hustler that hails from Brooklyn, New York She has a business savvy that many people with MBA degrees don’t possess. People shouldn’t overlook her street smarts….